Meet your hosts

A globetrotter, at the time based in Berlin, and a carpenter from Saxony meet in Southern Bavaria in 2017 and end up moving to Lusatia to bring new life to the oldest building at the market square in Senftenberg.

Hello and welcome! We are Rebecca and Martin – your hosts at Markt 15 Gästehaus.

2017 brought a lot of changes for us. Not only did we meet for the first time and shortly after merged our homes. Also the building at Markt 15 finally received a new vision with the long overdue renovation after nearly 30 years of vacancy, courageously initiated by Rebecca’s parents.

Together we brought new life to the historic building, designed and furnished every room and now have a place to express our passion for hospitality and bringing people together.

Markt 15 - Your hosts Rebecca and Martin


  • grew up in the Lusatian region
  • for school and university (business and hotel management) spent 3 years in the US, some time in Mallorca and Bad Honnef
  • before moving to Senftenberg: based in Berlin for 6 years working in Learning & Development across Europe
  • Gets excited by:


  • grew up in the mountain region of the Erzgebirge
  • certified carpenter and studied sports management
  • has lived in Austria and Cologne
  • Gets excited by:

We’re looking forward to welcoming you in Senftenberg!